About Me

My background is one that is completely different from holistic healing and wellbeing. I studied Finance, graduating with a Masters in Business Administration and pursuing a career as a Finance Business Partner in global corporations.

After having three children, I took a career break to spend more time with my family. The goal was to return to work and continue to climb the corporate ladder – it was in my blood!

However, things didn’t work out to plan, and after a few setbacks, I took my first energy seminar. I quickly learned that it came quite naturally to me, and after taking course after course, I had become ‘addicted’ to helping others. I have had so many positive outcomes with my healings that it was just something I couldn’t ignore.

I personally specialise in Pranic Healing techniques, although I have also trained and keep myself updated with various practices and teachers of energy. The more I learn about energy, the more I understand that all practices are essentially striving for the same thing. Some use different techniques, and some draw on angles that appeal to difference audiences. I’ve taken the parts that resonate with me and use these to form my mindset coaching and energy healing offerings.

I now use Energy Healing in my every day life, for my friends and family, including those abroad.  So whether you would like to be ‘healed’ from a physical, emotional, or psychological condition, I’m sure I can help you.  

Allison x

How can I help you?

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