Astrology and Your Life's Purpose

Mar 08, 2021

Astrology is an age-old practice that has been used for thousands of years, and by many cultures and civilisations throughout the world. An astrological chart of a person is generated using their date and time of birth, which then helps the Astrologer to determine and interpret the individual's nature, strengths and weaknesses - all to help make predictions about the future events in their life. With my in-depth knowledge and study of various modalities and within Astrology, I take a unique stance to guide people from their inner to release their shadows. This enables me to signpost exactly where we need to go and the inner work that needs to be done.

The details that it reveals can fast track physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work together with my clients. It allows access to their Higher Self, unique talents and how they are best suited to serve humanity. Astrology unveils a person's shadows, karmic lessons, purpose, success codes and can even reveal marketing strategies for businesses.

It really can provide a road map to the most embodied version of the self. This information is often useless, however, if you cannot assist a client to get out of their own way to reach that full potential. Getting to assist change-makers and lightworkers is deep and rewarding work.

My Astrological Chart

My chart reveals that I'm here to ignite and accelerate the other’s spirit or soul. Astrologically depicted as ‘The Well’, I am given a wealth of resources and intuition in which I am supposed to draw inner truths from - and make these accessible to the other. With this, I am asked to deeply nourish and empower the other’s often difficult inner journey and needs – leading to sustenance, purpose, authentic expression and a state of exalted richness of spirit in the other. The water of that well must be given out. I must apply it to myself (walk my own talk) but am not allowed to keep it for myself.

Astrology And The Pandemic In The World Today

At a macro level, astrologically, December 21st 2020 marked the great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction and the dawn of the Aquarian Age. This, coupled with the wake of our current pandemic, we have experienced a shift in consciousness and a surge in spirituality. Those who know nothing of the planetary movements, describe a palpable shift since December. Many are awakening and feeling the need for something more meaningful.

The pandemic created a time for yin (going within) and placed all knowledge on the worldwide web, right under our nose. Almost every world teacher has released their courses online now. Never has there been a greater time in history for an opportunity to access with ease this quality of spiritual and self-development learnings. The prophecies of several cultures speak about the return of the world teacher during this period. My feeling is that the world teacher, that Buddha and Christ consciousness in fact lies within us, while we have access to many world teachers online now too. At a consciousness level, this is a chance to draw from the vast resources, tap into our latent divinity, change, pull back the bow and shoot life’s arrows from a place of deep truth and love — one that endows us our birthright of richness in all that we seek.

To learn more about Anusha and what she does, read her Personal Story.

Anusha Arulvel
Anusha Arulvel

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