Five Perfect Points for Peace and Tranquility

health mental health Mar 08, 2021

Are you stressed from work, lockdown and homeschooling?

These five acupuncture points can be used with acupressure to chill you out, but they have additional uses as well. Just use your finger, thumb or the blunt end of a pen to press on the point until it feels slightly uncomfortable, basically for a minute or two.


The Calming Point

Yin tang, an acupuncture point in the gap between the eyebrows, is an incredibly calming point. I call it the “mother-in-law” point. Patients ask for it when their mother-in-law is coming to stay! Press on it when you get home from work instead of, or in addition to, that glass of wine!

Stress Relief - Great for PMT and IBS

Taichong (Liver 3) affects the liver and it releases stress, hence it is calming, but also very effective for PMT and IBS. You’ll find it between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals (the bones on the top of the foot) just before the area where the bones meet. It’s a great one to get your partner to massage for you, especially if they want to avoid your premenstrual outbursts!

Reduces Headaches and Eyestrain

Fengchi (Gall Bladder 20) is on the gall bladder meridian at the back of the head. Use your thumbs to get in deep on either side of the muscle that attaches to the back of the head. It’s excellent for headaches – especially ones on the temples or behind the eyes caused by stress or sitting at a screen for too long.

Helps with Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Shenmen (Heart 7) is on the heart channel and is very calming so it is great for anxiety and helps with sleep problems. It can also stop palpitations so press it when you’re about to go into a stressful meeting or if you are having difficulty dropping off to sleep. Use your thumb at the wrist joint, feel across from the inside of the arm over the knobbly bone to a dip, and press in that dip.

Aids in the labour process and with hot flushes

Sanyinjiao (Spleen 6) is on the inside of the lower leg. It’s a point on the Spleen channel and is brilliant for hot flushes but is also used in labour to help open the cervix! It’s one of a series of points I give to men to help their partner when giving birth. It’s a hand’s width from the ankle bone on the middle of the leg just behind the bone.

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