How can you inspire others? Become a Story Teller!

healing health mindset personal stories Mar 08, 2021

What inspired me to introduce the Pūr Energy Life Magazine Website was so that people could learn more about our wonderful world of energy, and find ways to improve their physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing, relationships and ultimately their lives. So far, the launch has consisted of the eMagazine’s first Winter and Spring Editions, with articles including topics on Mindset and Limiting Beliefs, Dreams, Positive Affirmations, Yoga for a Healthy Life, and also individuals and businesses that strive to Make a Difference. We’ve also had Inspirational Stories of people who have transformed their Pain into Passion with Purpose.

I've decided that this is a great start, but it's not enough.

I’ve realised that in order to reach and attract a wider audience, it’s not about articles – it’s about Connection. I want to help YOU to connect with others so that more people can transform their lives by learning about the many tools, techniques and modalities that exist today.

Everyone has a story to tell. We all have unique personalities and experiences that help to shape the way we think, feel and behave - all according to our personal values and belief systems. Therefore, YOU will attract others who resonate with YOUR personality, YOUR experiences and ultimately YOUR story.

Who can be a Story Teller?

  • You have a strong desire to share your message with a wider audience
  • You want to inspire and to help others to transform their lives
  • You have transformed your own life, either physically, or through a change in mindset, that has brought to you a significantly improved circumstance in one or more areas of your life
  • You have had a drastic change in the direction of their life that now provides you with more meaning, fulfilment and purpose
  • You currently have a business where you help others to improve at least one area of their lives
  • You incorporate energy into your current work

Some examples of energy work include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy healing modalities
  • Breathing, meditation and yoga
  • Therapies involving sound, music, colour and other sensory treatments
  • Nutrition to naturally boost energy levels and improve health
  • Mindset coaching and counselling
  • Charity work or businesses that make a difference to the community, and to the world

There are too many people out there who are going through difficult times - and sometimes it feels so overwhelming that it feels impossible to live a 'normal' life again. But what if there is a way to understand that you're not alone, and that just hearing about how someone else has gotten through the pain can help you to find hope through yours?

What if you are the one who has gotten through it, and now want to inspire others to learn how to do the same?

If you have a story that you wish to share, please submit your own Personal Story for others to benefit from. I believe that when you share your passion from the heart, then your connection to others will grow, as will the impact you can have on many more lives. It's time to make your connections and help people to see that they, too, can improve their lives - it's time to live a more conscious life and understand that you, too, can fulfil your potential and live a healthier, happier and more meaningful live.



Allison Cairns
Allison Cairns

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