Karen's Personal Story of Grief & Bereavement

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Karen is a scientist, having worked as a biochemist, she spent fifteen years doing research in biotechnology labs. But at a young age, she was introduced to Acupuncture which she found fascinating, and steered her in an entirely different direction. She’s now been an Acupuncturist for 20 years, also incorporating other energy modalities into her practice. After the sudden death of a loved one, she decided that she wanted to help people to deal with their loss as she had experienced, and move forward with a new outlook in life.

What was your experience with Acupuncture and did anything happen for you to leave your scientist career?

When I was a teenager, my mum’s friend trained in acupuncture and she used to practice on me by finding energetic points – sort of used me as a pincushion. Over the years, I kept thinking about it and wondered if it was something I could do – I thought I was too scientific for it. But then I realised that it’s all really logical so it actually suits the ‘science brain’. I loved the idea that treating each new patient was like an entirely new project and that you would see various different problems. And so, I decided to train in acupuncture, and also ended up teaching at the college in Reading and being involved with the admin of the college as well.

What made you start training as a Pranic Healer?

I found myself getting burnt out as I was doing too much admin work in the Acupuncture College. I was cutting down the time spent on my practice, and realised that I didn’t train in acupuncture to do admin. But the stress took its toll on me and I developed a back problem. It was then, that I heard about an incredible man who treated one of my patient’s daughters. So, in 2012, I went to see Les Flitcroft for Pranic Healing. Not only did he help me with my back pain, but he also gave me some invaluable advice about what I was going through with my work, which helped me to move forward with some hard decisions.

I was so impressed with him, that I decided to take the Level 1 Pranic Healing course the following year. Then in 2014, my partner suddenly died. It happened very unexpectedly – he just didn’t wake up in the morning as he suffered a heart attack. I immediately thought to book an appointment with Les as I was experiencing tremendous grief. I knew that I would deal with this grief on an energetic level as I had counselling in the past for relationship problems, and I knew that for me it wasn’t the answer.

When you train as an Acupuncturist, you are told that grief stays in the lungs – that’s a well-known thing in Chinese medicine – and so I thought I would deal with this energetically. So, I saw an Acupuncturist, a Kinesiologist, and I saw Les for Pranic Healing treatments. About a year later, I said to Les, “I can’t believe how good I feel!”. My partner was the love of my life. It was a really special relationship, and I am amazed at how you can move grief out of the body as we can. I am just constantly amazed by it – because it’s so painful.

Do you combine your practices of being an Acupuncturist as well as a Pranic Healer?

Yes, I do. But it took me a while to do it because it takes longer – I basically have 20 minutes from when the needles are in where I can do Pranic Healing on the patient. So generally, I do Psychotherapy, then if they want more of it, we can continue it outside of the Acupuncture treatment. I find that because most of the patients have quite complex conditions, there is quite a lot that we can do with Pranic Healing. However, if they come to me for Acupuncture, then this is what I focus on. I explain to them about Pranic Healing and I find that some are open to it for subsequent treatments.

Do you notice a difference in the results because of the combined treatments?

It’s difficult to say because everyone is obviously different. However, I think it makes the treatments more powerful, and the results last longer. I have been an acupuncturist for 20 years, and I see a variety of patients – some have an amazing recovery like you have in Pranic Healing as well, and others who take much longer. But in general, I would agree that the results are more lasting.

Things are much more effective when you have that connection with your patient. You know you can feel what they are going through. You have been there, and you have come out of it.

What do you love the most about what you do now?

I absolutely love what I do. I have always loved acupuncture and I think I’ll always do acupuncture as well as Pranic Healing. I love the fact that everyone is different, and that I'm always doing different treatments. I’m also about to start putting together a package that just focuses on grief and bereavement, and that combines my skills and training as an acupuncturist and as a Pranic Healer. It also includes some coursework that people can do at home.

I can say from a place of certainty, that I feel fine about the passing of my partner. I would not have been able to accept this six months afterwards, but I feel at peace now. It was his path and I don’t feel sad anymore, but just happy that I had him in my life.

Karen Proudfoot
Karen Proudfoot

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