Autumn 2021 Edition - Letter from the editor

health making a difference meditation mental health mindset nlp nutrition personal stories sacred geometry Nov 21, 2021

Welcome to the Autumn Edition of the Pūr Energy Life e-Magazine! 

I'm delighted to present the Fourth Edition of my eMag - again sharing some personal stories of purpose and inspiration. If you've read the stories from past editions, you will find that each personal story has highlighted an individual who has found their way to self-discovery - some who have endured painful and traumatic experiences, and others who have not. Each journey is unique, and where some have benefitted from energy healing, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, changes to diet and/or exercise regimes, the common theme is 'energy', and understanding how this influences your thoughts, your emotions and ultimately your entire life can allow for positive transformation to occur.

The purpose of these articles isn't to tell you how you can improve your life. It's to enable you to understand that there are many possibilities out there, of which some of you may not even be aware. Finding out what is right for you is something you, and only you alone, can decide depending on what resonates with you. And remember you must always consult a medical professional if you have any health concerns or complications. The integrative approach to healing can help you to sustain a happy and healthy life - but you can't do this without first knowing the choices that you have. 

You are not alone - and hopefully reading these transformational real-life stories will help you to find a way to transform your pain into passion with purpose.

Allison Cairns
Founder & Editor in Chief ~ Pūr Energy Life

[email protected]

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