Should You Re-Wire Your Brain?

mindset the subconscious mind Mar 08, 2021

Have you heard of people who claim you can transform your life by re-wiring your mind? Is this even safe? Find out for yourself by reading my personal experience in a 28-day program with Vishen Lakhiani at Mindvalley – with The Silva Ultramind Method.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are now teaching ways in which you can re-wire, or even re-program your mind? If you haven’t tried this for yourself, then you may be intrigued by the concept, but perhaps are unwilling to take the risk. I used to think that all of this was for ‘weak-minded’ individuals and that my mind was ‘strong’ and not susceptible to the powers of suggestion. But, what I didn’t realise was the fact that my life sucked at the time, and so, however ‘strong’ my mind was, it wasn’t serving me well.

So many teachers – so who’s right?

If you have already read my Personal Story, you know that I’m a Seeker – always curious about what I don’t know, and what I can’t see. I am fascinated with energy and the possibilities that come along with it – something that many people aren’t even aware of. Aside from all of the books that I’ve read to feed this curiosity, I’ve also watched countless seminars, webinars, freebies, and have even taken many courses from various teachers of energy. What I have realised very quickly, is that although there are so many people trying to impart their knowledge and experiences – sometimes using very different techniques – the ultimate goal is the same. I see these as types of 'training programs' or ways in which you can improve your energy levels and discover innate skills you might not know exist. This can even be perceived as a form of spiritual growth and development, or from the human level as the evolution of mankind.

What I love the most is that these teachers provide materials and courses in a form that is unique to each of them. For example, Dr Joe Dispenza is a Chiropractor who subsequently trained in neurology, neuroscience, brain function, cellular biology and other related fields. It was only after a traumatic accident leading to the shattering of his spine, that he managed to heal himself and discovered just how powerful the mind really is. Now his teachings, along with his personal story, attract millions of people who are interested and drawn towards a more scientific approach to energy. On the other hand, we have other teachers like Eckhart Tolle who had a spiritual awakening following long periods of depression. He speaks and teaches millions of people about inner transformation and how he started off with the realisation that there is no self, and our mind-made self is what prevents us from being present in the now, or from being at peace.

So, who’s right? In my opinion, they all are - I’m not talking about some people who are frauds and are obviously out just to make money or take advantage of others’ vulnerabilities. They are all trying to convey their ideas using the resources they have, meaning their personalities, their experiences and their realisations. Just as there is no single book or film that will appeal to all audiences, there is no single teacher of life that will appeal to all Seekers. And so, what a Divine plan it is that allows every Seeker to learn and absorb teachings that match their frequencies. All human beings have the opportunity to enrol in this 'school of life’ and be drawn to the teachers that best suit their individual needs.

What is this ‘school of energy’? What does it teach?

From my experience, all schools are essentially teaching the same thing at the broadest level – but again, I emphasise that I am not including individuals or groups that are out for selfish needs and manipulating intentions. The schools are all about our energy and the one of everything that surrounds us. In fact, everything is energy. You may know that even the word energy is known by various terms - like prana, chi, ki and life’s force - from different countries, cultures, civilisations and throughout time. So, while Eric Pepin of the Higher Balance Institute might use words like ‘white cells’ and call the Seeker a Navigator, you have others who also adopt their own terminology and phrases. I have taken quite a few courses over the years, and I often see the similarities between things and not the differences. All of them include breathwork and meditation, with the goals to still the mind and increase awareness, amongst others. Dr Joe Dispenza talks about heart and brain coherence, as does Vishen Lakhiani, Deepak Chopra and Lynne McTaggart, to name a few. Similarly, Pranic Healing goes to the energetic level with the Heart and Crown chakras playing a key role in achieving inner peace. As you go deeper into their work (should you wish so), then concepts including psychic abilities start to come up for all of these. Oliver Niño, the Spiritual Activator, dives straight into his courses with these concepts, and even offers freebies to explain the various types of psychic abilities – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and all the rest. But obviously, as the Spiritual Activator, he is drawing an audience that already has spiritual awareness and that may already possess one or more of these abilities.

The 28-day Silva Ultramind System

Back to my original reason for writing this article – I have very recently completed The Silva Ultramind Method, led by Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley. I hadn’t heard of José Silva before (to my surprise), but had received an email from Mindvalley about the upcoming course.

I was intrigued because it offered to teach you to tap into altered states of mind, where ultimately you could access higher intuition, creativity and problem-solving. I knew from my courses with Dr Joe Dispenza, that the science was sound and that reaching the Alpha, Theta and even Gamma levels would lead you to higher brain function. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that doing regular meditation will increase your Gamma Wave levels – the same waves that are accessed by athletes at peak performance levels.

Even more strange was the fact that just a few days later, and within the first five minutes of my interview with Anusha for her Personal Story article, she told me she was José Silva's first child student! From not hearing about it before, enrolling onto the course, and then speaking to Anusha who had met the Silva family in person – what a coincidence!

The 28-day program is a version of the original 2-day seminar that was offered by José Silva himself. However, Vishen has adapted it so that each day, you only need to spend between 15 to 40 minutes of practice depending on the exercises required for the day - and this is clever because it takes time to train the mind, so doing shorter exercises for a longer period of time would ultimately enhance the results.

I was actually quite surprised when the concept of psychic abilities was presented so early in the program. By Day 2, he was already talking about ESP (extra-sensory perception) and even the concept of mind-reading. On Day 4, we did the Mental Video exercise, not dissimilar at all to Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘mind movie’ technique. The similarities were actually jumping out at me and I’m sure many other schools also utilise these powerful visualisation techniques for similar purposes.

Do you need a basic knowledge on energy, or does having prior knowledge reduce the effects?

I found that because I am already a Pranic Healer with my routine of doing daily meditations and other practices, I was able to access these deeper states of mind very quickly and with ease. However, I’m sure that even if you aren’t a regular meditator, you could also access these states with practice, which is why he asks you to commit to daily short exercises throughout the duration of the course. I love that none of the exercises take a long time, and even a person with a busy schedule could manage to complete this.


More than just coincidences!

On Day 4, we were asked to think of a problem we wanted to find a solution to. The visualisation exercise during the Alpha state was meant to tap into your intuition, with the ability for you to receive the answer to your question within a few days.

This doesn’t mean that in that state, you would hear a voice telling you the answer necessarily (although this is also a possibility!) but that the answer would come to you in a possibly unexpected way. So, I asked my question and to my complete surprise, the answer popped up on Day 7, three days later. Now, to the sceptic, this could be seen as a coincidence. But once you understand the world of energy, practising this skill will actually help you to tap into your intuition more frequently for problem-solving, and even hone your ability to manifest, or materialise what you want. Even as a sceptic, I believe this is appealing enough to entertain the possibility, no matter how great your disbelief!

For me, the answer came from speaking to someone on a Zoom call. I didn’t even tell her about my experience nor my question, but suddenly she gave me advice about how I had to wait and not rush into anything that I was perhaps planning to do. She was quite specific and spoke as if she knew what my question was, and we weren’t even speaking about anything in particular at the time. In fact, then I recalled another conversation I had the day before, and the same thing happened where a different person suddenly decided to offer me advice about the question I hadn’t even mentioned. This advice was the same – she said that I should wait and not move forward on a project that I had been thinking about – not yet anyway.

As I said, I used to be an extreme sceptic and I would dismiss any of these ideas. Instead, I would say that they are only coincidences and that people will interpret things the way they want to. But despite having my analytical finance brain, I’ve found real proof that some things are beyond coincidence. And once you start to notice this, you will in fact get more and more of them. These can also be called synchronicities and practising this method will fine-tune your ability to obtain answers, however bizarre they may seem to appear.

But it didn't stop there. The program continued with practising various visualisation techniques, including projection exercises into objects and even living things. The purposes varied from being able to use your ESP to ‘mind read’, to understanding the history of an object, all the way to healing the body.

The latter is a concept I know well and therefore it was wonderful to learn yet a different way of healing, which even further reinforced my understanding of it.

But is this all safe to do, or is this a form of brainwashing?

I was reassured to also hear, that within the guided relaxation exercises, positive phrases would be stated to be absorbed by your subconscious mind whilst in the deeper states. I don’t see the harm in this if you are informed and aware of what is happening and if the ideas being programmed into your mind are of the highest good and to your benefit. Phrases like, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better”, or even ones that are for attuning your intelligence and sense faculties to benefit humanity with good, honest and pure intentions – not using these levels of mind to harm any other human being. But be aware that Vishen also uses phrases that infer that your awareness can be projected beyond the earth, solar system, galaxies and even universes. If these unearthly concepts ‘freak you out’, then just ignore them for now, but also keep an open mind. There’s far more happening ‘out there’ that we are not even aware of.

We all know of the great discoveries that have enabled us to leap forward into the future – inventions such as electricity, modern medicine, the telephone, the internet and countless other discoveries that would have been perceived as unfathomable prior to their discoveries. And even concepts such as the earth being round is still something that a few believe to be false today!

I know that not everyone believes in psychic abilities or having something invisible and unknown that governs your very being. But considering the fact that there are so many different variations of the same thing that has existed for thousands of years, maybe there’s a possibility that something else is at play beyond our five senses? And if so, many people (and it seems that even more are following suit) are claiming to find inner peace, meaning in their lives, upgrading their brain to enable a clearer mind for better decision making, less clutter of emotions and enhanced abilities. Wouldn’t you want to entertain this possibility for yourself?

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with The Silva Ultramind Method. It brought to me, and reinforced my knowledge of energy, and how to access it for higher intuition. And although the aspired results aren’t all quite there yet, I know that it has exercised and trained my spiritual muscles that are in preparation for further growth and development.

The universe is far more clever than we can comprehend, and I am finally able to enjoy every moment of my life. But it wasn’t until I opened my eyes, my mind and my belief to the possibilities, that I began my journey to a more meaningful life in this exciting world of energy.

I think gone are the days where higher abilities
is seen as mystical, or even as witchcraft.
There have been enough cases and scientific developments
all around the world that have proven that we are far more capable
than our minds limit us to –
and that we have only scratched the surface
of what possibilities there are yet to discover.

Is this something that everyone should do?

Based on my own experiences and knowledge, I would recommend that if you’re seeking to learn more, you should pursue the ideas and methodologies that interest you. Not everyone wants to hear about mystical experiences, just as some are not interested in scientific facts about heart and brain coherence. But also, don’t be fooled that two different methodologies will necessarily get you to the same result, either. Some focus more on psychic abilities, and others on healing or manifestation, for example. The Silva Ultramind System is only one of the many offerings that exist within the Silva System (keep in mind that it’s an introductory 28-day course where healing is only discussed and practised towards the end) which is obviously not nearly enough if you are interested in becoming a serious healer. Saying that, I’m sure there are many more Silva courses and modules that are offered that can help for specific areas.

And this is done in a very simple and easy-to-follow way that is both logical and scientific.

I created this platform where people come together and connect to share their stories, inspire others, and help people to understand that there’s far more that influences our lives than what we can see, smell, hear, taste and feel. Once you learn how to access and tap into this unseen force, then everything becomes much easier and you can become the creator of your own life.

But with everything, you need practice in order to improve your skills for consistent results. It definitely serves as a good introduction and shows some basic principles of how things can work, and even extraordinary things can happen in just a few days.

In particular, I think this course helps you to access the Alpha and Theta levels of mind and introduces you to the concept of what you can achieve when provided with some simple visualisation techniques. You need no background in other modalities - just an open mind - and the results can be pretty incredible.

Allison Cairns
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