The Art and Science of Astral Projection

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Have you ever wondered about travelling to places beyond the physical world?

Let's face it - this isn't really a question you would start off by asking when meeting strangers for the first time or sitting at a dinner party. In fact, the thought of it may even be completely bizarre to you and you're happy to leave it to the sci-fi loving crowd who live in their wild imaginations. However, just because it's not a common topic of discussion, doesn't mean it's not 'real'.

For beginners, the term astral projection can be interchanged with astral travelling, out-of-body experiences and remote viewing - all concepts related to psychic abilities that occur outside of the traditional (and accepted) five senses. It's based on the assumption that we are more than just a physical body, and that we also have more subtle energy bodies, including the astral body, that can function outside of our physical world in the astral plane.

If this sounds completely bonkers to you, then I urge you to keep on reading. I, too, was a sceptic before I researched and learned more about this unproven pseudo-science. To my surprise, not only does the concept go back to dating thousands of years, but it's also been studied, researched, experimented and deployed in many modern and renowned organisations today.

So how far does the concept of astral projection go back in history? Ancient Egyptian teachings mention the ability of the soul (ba) to travel via the subtle body (ka). Similarly, many religions also mention subtle energy bodies and the concept of the soul, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Taoism, to name a few. But not only is astral projection a commonality among these, healing and other forms of energy beings is also one of the many shared beliefs.

In more recent history, scholars, novelists and philosophers also mention their experiences in astral projection, but it was Robert Monroe who popularised the term OBE, or Out-Of-Body experience in the 1960s. His experiences were documented and translated to many languages and he subsequently founded the Monroe Institute, dedicated to the research and exploration of human consciousness through sound technology. During its first 30 years of operation, over 20,000 people attended his programs, including U.S. military personnel.

Actually, astral projection is only one of the results or by-products that can be achieved when working on the subtle energy bodies. In fact, the major themes for awakening many, if not all, of these psychic phenomena are by doing controlled breathwork, meditation and visualisation, and using mental will or intention to direct the energy. Dr. Joe Dispenza is the globally renowned author of Becoming Supernatural and Evolve Your Brain and has millions of followers who practice his meditation and breathing techniques in order to break through their own limitations to becoming unlimited in nature. The possibilities are endless and include people improving and even healing physical health conditions, becoming more emotionally resilient, creating more abundance in their lives, and ultimately transforming their lives by believing that anything is possible.

In fact, the two Mindvalley courses I've completed to date also offer very similar techniques that again are for the purpose of experiencing inner transformation and psychic experiences. Vishen Lakhiani's course on The Silva Method is all about harnessing your mind's altered states of consciousness. This in turn allows you to tap into your natural psychic abilities such as ESP, projection into different places and things, healing yourself and others, and connecting to your intuition. All of this is harnessed through meditation techniques, listening to binaural beats and visualisation exercises in order to bring upon the desired altered states of consciousness - does this all sound familiar? (Read my article Should You Re-Wire Your Brain)

Jade Shaw's course on Astral Projection is also very similar and powerful, using the same tools and techniques to bring on psychic experiences, or specifically the ability to astral project. This is also done through breathwork, meditation, visualisation - and all induced by listening to hypnotic sounds and guided audios. The brilliance of this program is that many different techniques are introduced to help you to find what works for you, as each person's experiences will be unique to themselves. The mystery and fear of the unknown are removed as each day, more is explained and you are guided to what to expect and what these experiences mean. And because many of the techniques are founded by doctors and scientists, the occult nature of the phenomena becomes more 'normal' and accepted, even when she mentions related concepts such as lucid dreaming, telepathy, shadows and soul retrieval.

So why would you want to do this, you may ask?

For me, I've been fascinated by these concepts since I could remember - and knowing that something incredible exists out there that cannot be explained today makes me want to learn even more about it! Why wouldn't you want to explore the infinite possibilities out there and discover more of your true potential? But bringing this to the practical world, why wouldn't you want to feel good? All of the claims from the many teachers of meditation, breathwork, visualisation, dream work, psychic and intuitive abilities include balance and wellbeing as part of the journey to achieving these gifts. And that's not only in the emotional sense, as evolving your brain (which is what this really is when you truly think about it) also leads to better physical health, healing, mental sharpness and intuition, and can unlock countless other benefits that can lead you to living a truly limitless and extraordinary life. 

And so I ask you again - why wouldn't you dare to believe?

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