The Power of Kindness

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Where does inspiration come from?

Sometimes we are faced with circumstances where we need to help others. This may be involving a family member, a close friend, a colleague, or even someone who is part of our community. Most of the time, they are a significant part of our lives which compels us to reach out, take action and to help in any way that we can.

But we also see the people who spread out to greater causes and choose to sacrifice their time, their money and their resources - they give their hearts to help people who are not even a part of their immediate circle, and sometimes even to strangers.

This inspiring story is about a person who is helping to save the lives of a family in Wadala, India - the community in which she grew up. Not only has she decided to help to raise funds for Mani's critically-needed kidney transplant, but she is also sending her heartfelt message of healing through the power of kindness.

Let me cook my heart out for you

Things might feel different this year, but one thing will stay the same; the people, and their moments of kindness, are what matter most.

Your kindness is more powerful than ever.

Mani Ram, father of two, was diagnosed with both his kidneys failing in 2010. Waiting for a donor since, his wife Shoba has very bravely offered to donate one of her kidneys so that they can see their children grow up together.

Apart from struggling to pay the medical bills, the family of four will be left with no income, as both parents will be bed-ridden for at least six months.

Being a mother herself, Aalam felt compelled to help this family as they have no alternate support. And being fortunate to be in the position to help, she feels a responsibility to help others who are less fortunate and going through a difficult time.

When Aalam approached me with her mission, as many others would, I felt deeply saddened. I, too, am fortunate to be blessed with a healthy family, a comfortable lifestyle and am full of gratitude to wake up each day filled with love, laughter and meaning.

But sometimes, even having a life that most could ever dream of, there is still a void. Not one that will cause unhappiness and despair; but one that pulls you towards a purpose beyond yourself or even your loved ones.

For years, I had struggled with my own mind-created suffering. And this isn't to belittle what had happened, and what may be happening in many people's lives. The situations are real. The confusion, the torment and the pain are all real to the person experiencing them. But I managed to find a way back to happiness and beyond, and this has come with a vengeance.

Aside from transforming my life and completely changing careers to help others, there was still something I knew that I could do - and in a greater capacity. However, I was struggling to find the compelling reason to do so. What cause would I give to? What greater purpose could I serve? And how would this all be done?

It wasn't until my conversation with Aalam, about her burning desire to help Mani and his family, that I realised that all of my questions don't really matter. I realised that it's not about giving to the right cause, or for the right reason and at the right time. It's about giving because you can.

If you can give, then you must.

And so I've decided to join together with Aalam, to do what I can. And if I can reach out to others, to spread awareness, to help with this fundraising, or even to inspire you to help others, then this is the start that I've been looking for. And I know that by doing so, it will lead to many more causes that will help others.

Sometimes, just making a start is what's needed. It doesn't matter what, how, where or any of the other reasons that cause you to delay to serve for a greater purpose. You just need to take the first step, however small, and then greater things can be accomplished.

If you would like to support Aalam's mission to help raise funds for Mani's kidney transplant, and you live in the surrounding areas of Camberley, Ascot, Windlesham, Virginia Water, you can find the details of her menu here. Or you can make a direct contribution by donating now:

Aalam Grewal

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @thelostcookhouse

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