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Aromatherapy and Four of the Multiple Layers of Amazing Properties Essential Oils Carry that Promote Real Change aromatherapy health Jun 17, 2021

Evidence for the use of essential oils goes back thousands of years, at least as early as ancient Egypt. Yet in the past few centuries, for much...

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Essential Oil Recommendation and How to Use Them aromatherapy health manifestation Jun 17, 2021

Here are Morgana's top oil recommendations for working with mind, body and soul to elevate your personal vibrational frequency for Manifesting.


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How my burnout brought me happiness and fulfilment healing health mental health mindset personal stories Jun 17, 2021

From Tattoo artist to Intuitive Coach & Talisman expert -

Blaze suffered from years of crippling pain and learned that she would never be...

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The 5 Major Causes of Burnout...and how to fix it fast! health mental health mindset Jun 17, 2021

Recognizing the signs and causes of burnout can help you identify where you are and provide comfort that there’s a term for what...

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The Healing Power of Sound healing health sound Jun 17, 2021

We all know that listening to certain types of music can make you feel uplifted, energised, relaxed and even sad - and it's all depending on the...

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5 Ways Sounds Can Help You Heal healing health sound Jun 17, 2021

Here are 5 types of Sound Therapy that can help you heal. Whether you need some de-stressing, better sleep, emotional releasing, increased...

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What Do These People All Have In Common? healing health mental health personal stories Mar 08, 2021

Adrian, Karen and Anusha all had successful careers up until their lives took an unexpected turn – they all developed physical, emotional...

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The 'Quick and Dirty' Guide to Energy Healing healing health Mar 08, 2021

We all have heard about energy and you may have even tried some therapies that incorporate various techniques to help 'heal' a certain aspect of...

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Adrian's Personal Story of Clinical Depression healing health mental health personal stories Mar 08, 2021

Adrian is a former financial services professional who struggled with clinical depression for a lot of his adult life. Negative programming in his...

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Karen's Personal Story of Grief & Bereavement healing health mental health personal stories Mar 08, 2021

Karen is a scientist, having worked as a biochemist, she spent fifteen years doing research in biotechnology labs. But at a young age, she was...

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Five Perfect Points for Peace and Tranquility health mental health Mar 08, 2021

Are you stressed from work, lockdown and homeschooling?

These five acupuncture points can be used with acupressure to chill you out, but they...

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Anusha's Personal Story with Endometriosis, Fibrosis and Adenomyosis healing health personal stories Mar 08, 2021

Anusha has been a spiritual seeker for nearly her entire lifetime. Over 11 years, she has also extensively studied areas of Nutrition, Ayurveda,...

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