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Are you a Superhero? mindset superpowers Jun 17, 2021

There are several different meanings of the word 'superhero' and many people immediately visualise their favourite fictional characters from...

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How my burnout brought me happiness and fulfilment healing health mental health mindset personal stories Jun 17, 2021

From Tattoo artist to Intuitive Coach & Talisman expert -

Blaze suffered from years of crippling pain and learned that she would never be...

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The 5 Major Causes of Burnout...and how to fix it fast! health mental health mindset Jun 17, 2021

Recognizing the signs and causes of burnout can help you identify where you are and provide comfort that there’s a term for what...

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The Importance of Self-Love mental health mindset personal stories Jun 17, 2021

What happens when you don't realise your own self-worth and constantly have the thoughts of not being good enough?

This is how Gracie felt for...

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Should You Re-Wire Your Brain? mindset the subconscious mind Mar 08, 2021

Have you heard of people who claim you can transform your life by re-wiring your mind? Is this even safe? Find out for yourself by reading my...

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How can you inspire others? Become a Story Teller! healing health mindset personal stories Mar 08, 2021

What inspired me to introduce the Pūr Energy Life Magazine Website was so that people could learn more about our wonderful world of energy, and...

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The Journey of Karate and Shin Gi Tai (Mind, Body and Spirit) children fitness health mindset Dec 21, 2020

Karate (Kara-te) means Open-Hand or a hand without a weapon and is known to many as a sport of kicking and punching. But if one was to visit any...

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Positive Affirmations - Do They Really Work? mental health mindset the subconscious mind Dec 20, 2020

We’ve all heard of positive affirmations but what are they all about? It may seem a bit bizarre that just telling yourself something...

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Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back? mental health mindset the subconscious mind Dec 19, 2020

Did you know that you are holding beliefs that are holding you back from having a better life? Learn how to replace these with beliefs that...

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