Single Treatment 
(50 mins)

Single treatments can be booked but are only recommended if you've had energy work done before, or if you're not seeking treatment for long-term illnesses and conditions. 

Single session price

Treatment Bundle X 3
(50 mins each)

For most treatments, I recommend booking a bundle of 3 sessions to start. This is because most of what people seek treatment for has been built up over years, including emotional stress and anxiety, traumas, depression and addictions. 
If you have a chronic or long-term health condition, a series of treatments is required to get to the underlying causes, rather than just temporarily relieving the symptoms.

Bundle treatment price
(£75 each session)

If you're not sure what you need, please contact me via email and I'll arrange a free 20-minute consultation with you to discuss your individual needs.

To continue with booking your session(s), please complete the Treatment Booking Form below:

Treatment Booking Form

Please complete your details below. Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation that includes a Health Questionnaire to be completed and payment has been made.