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Pranic ‘Distant’ Healing for All Areas of Your Life

Dana-Sofie is an accomplished author, speaker, publisher and online entrepreneur who specialises in feminine cyclicity and the menstrual cycle. She lives in the Czech Republic, and similar to most people, felt ‘burnout’ in her personal and professional life, and this affected her physical and emotional health, as well as her mental wellbeing.

Chronic Sinusitis

Christina West had completely lost her sense of smell just over ten years ago. She had chronic sinus conditions that included painful sinuses and multiple surgeries that didn’t provide any lasting relief. Learn how Pranic Healing has helped her to re-gain her sense of smell, and on top of that, she is feeling better than she has ever felt before!

What is Pranic Healing?

Learn how Energy can help to improve and transform every area in your life – from Physical, Emotional and Mental health to Relationships, Happiness and much more! Allison and Tara will also share their own personal experiences with Pranic Healing and how one of the fastest growing complementary therapies has truly helped them both to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Group Mindset Coaching & Energy Healing Programme

Here's what people said after they took part in a two-week intensive group programme!