Here are some short videos to help you to increase your energy levels and feel great! 


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How to get the most out of your meditations

Did you know that by just adjusting your breathing patterns slightly, you can improve your health and increase your energy levels? Learn how to get the most out of your meditation by doing some simple techniques. You will also learn about the Meditation on Twin Hearts - an extremely powerful meditation that will change your mindset, your health and ultimately your life!

You can also read my blog post for more information, including the links to get the meditation!

Mental Physics Exercises ~ The 8 Spiritual Breaths

Learn the ancient Tibetan breaths that will help you to increase your state of calmness, improve your  memory retention, enhance your creative potential and revitalise your health and energy levels. 

All about Pranic Healing and Testimonials 

What is Pranic Healing?

Join me for a fascinating and eye-opening interview with Tara Mehmet, Instructor at the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland. Tara will discuss how learning about Energy can improve all areas of your life, from Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, to Relationships, Happiness and much more. They will also share their own personal experiences with Pranic Healing and how one of the fastest growing complementary therapies has created life changing results.

Distant Pranic Healing for all areas of your life!

Dana-Sofie is an accomplished author, speaker, publisher and online entrepreneur who specialises in feminine cyclicity and the menstrual cycle. She lives in the Czech Republic, and similar to most people, felt 'burnout' in her personal and professional life, and this affected her physical and emotional health, as well as her mental wellbeing. After experiencing only a few Pranic Healing treatments, and distantly via Zoom, she felt significant changes that have positively affected her life. Watch her video testimonial to hear her story and the experience she has had with her journey into good health, happiness and success!

Testimonial - Chronic Sinusitis

Christina West had completely lost her sense of smell just over ten years ago. She had chronic sinus conditions that included painful sinuses and multiple surgeries that didn't provide any lasting relief. Listen to how Pranic Healing has helped her to re-gain her sense of smell, and on top of that, feeling better than she has ever felt before!